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Simon Le Bon Says Michael Hutchences Death Wasnt Intentional

Did you watch the final part of Michael Hutchence: The Last Rockstar last night?

In a telling moment, Duran Duran frontman Simon Le Bon revealed that he believes the INXS frontman did not intend to die and claims Hutchence 'never seemed suicidal'

The 58-year-old singer stated:

'I do believe it was an accident'

'I don't think he was suicidal. And I do believe that his death was an accident. I really do.'

Hutchence was found in his hotel room at Sydney's Ritz Carlton Hotel on November 22 1997.

While the NSW Coroner ruled his death was a suicide, many disagree, including Le Bon.

Hollywood star Billy Zane also spoke candidly about Hutchence during the documentary.

'You know, he was the girl in the bunk bed at the sleepover, who was, you know, beckoning you upstairs to tell you secrets,'

Michael's former girlfriend of three years, Rosanna Crash, also spoke about their relationship for the first time.

'He was a great boyfriend. He's bad at breaking up, but he was a good boyfriend,' the former model revealed.

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