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Mick Jagger Shares Details About TV Series

Vinyl, the new HBO series about the New York City 1970s music scene that's being co-produced by Mick Jagger and Martin Scorsese, will premiere in the U.S. on February 14, 2016, at 9 p.m. ET. 

Jagger tells Rolling Stone that the show was developed from an idea he'd had about 20 years ago for an epic film that would chronicle the history of the music business over the course of several decades.

The Rolling Stones singer eventually teamed up with Scorsese and Martin's Boardwalk Empire collaborator Terence Winter to help bring the project to fruition, but says that as they started working on the flick, they realized the concept was too "sprawling" to fit into a single movie.

"And as TV became more refined and exciting and interesting to make," Mick explains, "we decided to do it as a series."

Jagger tells Rolling Stone that the gritty Big Apple of the 1970s was the perfect setting for the series, which focuses on a fictional cocaine-snorting record-label president named Richie Finestra, whose marriage is on the rocks and whose company is struggling.

"[It was] a pretty raunchy place," Mick says of '70s New York City, adding, "I like the milieu.  [The show] was always going to be set there."

Jagger wrote about New York City in all its sleazy glory from firsthand experience back in the '70s, in such songs as the Rolling Stones classic "Shattered," but he tells Rolling Stone that recalling details of that time for the series wasn't so easy.

"You do your research," Mick says. "And your research colors your memory."

Vinyl features Jagger's son James as the frontman of a fictional punk group named The Nasty Bits, while real-life glam-punk pioneers The New York Dolls are depicted in a concert scene that appears in the first episode.

You can check out the latest preview trailer for Vinyl at HBO's official YouTube channel.

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