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Leo Sayer Recovering From Knee Surgery

Leo Sayer is recovering from kneecap replacement surgery.

The singer, best known for "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" and "When I Need You," says on Facebook it's the result of an injury that took place during a 1977 concert in Alpine Valley, Wisconsin.

That fateful night, he fell off a 27-foot high stage just before showtime. He describes the accident, "Landing on my right foot, on concrete. Miraculously I didn't break anything, and after a brief time in hospital I managed to complete the tour, which thanks to my fall making the TV news, was now completely sold out!"

But Sayer has endured leg issues ever since  "hobbling around, not being able to cycle, run, even go for long walks. Recently when I've performed it's been with discomfort so I needed to do this. It seems the op has been a success, so I'm told I'll be fully mobile, able to get fit (lose some weight) maybe even be able to dance again."

Leo, who now lives in Australia, says he's taking time off through the end of the year and expects to be back performing in 2016.


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