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Lawsuit Over Jersey Boys Copyright

Could an unpublished book about one of the original Four Seasons entitle the heirs of the co-author to part of the royalties from Jersey Boys? We'll learn more when the case goes to trial October 31st.

The dispute centres on Tommy De Vito - the trouble-making character in the group - and whether the mega-successful musical used material from a biography on the singer-guitarist that author Rex Woodward had prepared on De Vito in the late '80s.

The book wound up on hold after Woodward's death in 1991. But not long after Jersey Boys opened on Broadway, the show's director was quoted in Backstage magazine acknowledging that the script for the show used information from an "'unpublished autobiography by De Vito."

There's a lot of money at stake -- Jersey Boys is said to earn $150 million in profits a year.

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