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Fans of U2 & ‘The Boss’ Are Outraged Over Scathing Comment


Music and politics have a seriously long history together, but JACKYL singer Jesse James Dupree has spoken out about musicians who publicise their political views saying it's "So totally anti-rock".

Dupree takes aim at U2 Frontman Bono and all time legend Bruce Springsteen, aka 'The Boss'. 

During an appearance on CBS Radio’s SixX Strings, Dupree said he didn't "think the U2 fans really give two shits about Bono's opinion on politics."

He explained: "I mean, the last thing I wanna hear is Bono's opinion on the United States presidency. And I won't come to him and tell him what the hell they're doing wrong in Ireland. Fuck him! When is he getting so uppity that he thinks his opinion matters in America about what he's doing?"


( James Dupree. Image: Blabber Mouth)

Dupree went on to say,  "I'm just in a rock and roll band. But my stance is not necessarily politics; it's more or less to tell Bono and Bruce Springsteen, 'Shut your fucking mouths, you fucking self-indulgent cocksuckers. Bruce Springsteen standing there, rattling off about Trump… We've got two poor choices this year as far as [presidential candidates go]… but again, I don't need to hear it from Bruce SpringsteenBruce just needs to sing fucking 'Born To Run' and shut the fuck up.

Dupree accused politically outspoken musicians of taking themselves too seriously by thinking that their opinions actually matter.

He said: "It's so totally anti-rock. It's just they get so self-indulgent because they think they've created something that's beyond just a song; they think they've created the 'Mona Lisa'."

Unsurprisingly, fans are NOT impressed and neither Bono nor Bruce Springsteen have acknowledged Dupree's comments. 

A lot of online commenters have just been left wondering who on earth Dupree even is...

Do you think musicians should mix music and politics? Tell us what you think in the comments section below!

Source: BlabberMouth

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