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Why This Friends' Actor Declined Modern Family Role

Turns out Phil Dunphy could have been played by a very, very different actor. 

Matt LeBlanc was initially offered the part of the corny but lovable Dunphy dad, and our brain hurts just thinking about it!

While we LOVE Matt as 'Joey' on friends, we can't imagine anyone other than Ty Burrell in the iconic Modern Family role - which he has gone on to win two Emmy Awards for. 

While LeBlanc loved the pilot script that he was given, he knew he wasn't the right fit for the role and declined. 

He was offered the script to read while on Hiatus from his Friends' spin-off, titled 'Joey'.

"I remember reading it thinking, this is a really good script, [but] I'm not the guy for this," he said.

"I'd be doing the project an injustice to take this.

"I know what I can do, I know what I can't do.

"Plus, I'm having too much fun laying on the couch."

What a sliding doors moment it could have been... 

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