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Where Are They Now? Original Art Attack Host Neil Buchanan

Neil Buchanan used to teach us how to scribble chimney smoke, and spinning tyres on cars - he was such a fun part of our childhood TV routine!

You may find it pretty hard to believe, but the former arty TV host is now playing lead guitar in a heavy metal band!

After finishing up on Art Attack, Neil rejoined his band (Marseille) after a massive 30 year hiatus! Now with long hair, and a leather jacket - we barely recognise him!

Back in 1977, Marseille was the first band to win the UK Battle of the Bands, which was judged by Queen legends Brian May and Roger Taylor.

While we've got you - you may also not yet know about this incredible fact from Art Attack.

Do you remember The Head? It turns out one of the show's cheeky backstage assistance had a bit of a joke, and somehow.. no one noticed until recently...

Look carefully...

The word 'sex' is actually carved into his hair.

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