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We Are Not 100% Sure Why This Woman Is On The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser contestants have stepped up to get weighed for the first time.

And we already have an issue.

Last night, we met 25-year-old full-time mum Nikki, who is striving to be confident in a bikini, dropped the confession that her boyfriend of three years has never seen her naked.

''I've been with my partner for three years, and he still hasn't seen me naked,' she revealed to the 15 other contestants, including a former boxing champ, a pilot at risk of losing his licence and a former male model.

'My partner hasn't even seen my body exposed, let alone a room of strangers,' she added.

Now, while we don’t question that Nikki is unhappy with her body, we do have a problem with what is considered overweight on the show.

When Nikki stood on the scales last night, they revealed that she weighs 78KG.

Which we don’t think is a big problem, in fact, for her height, it’s not even considered to be obese, which is the premise of the show, is it not?

The average Australian woman weighs 71.1kg according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, which is just 7KG less than that what Nikki is now.

We think Nikki looks stunning as she is and should be able to get her to weight goal easily and we hope everything works out for her.

However, if we are suddenly putting women who are 78K on a weight loss show….

Then good luck to us all.

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