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Tziporah Absolutely Loses It In The Jungle And We Can’t Deal

We thought we'd seen it all in the jungle. 

We were wrong.

Tziporah absolutely lost it today. 

She decided she would take it upon herself to create a medley / rap / we really don't know what to call it... we're still recovering.

Based on each of her housemates, the two minute performance has her campmates as bemused as we are. 

"This is the Stevo, because he is so metal. He ain't no petal.

"He does the trials. He doesn't smile because he is Stevo. He is the grumpy cat, yeah.

"Kris, he takes the piss, he pretends he is a love from Manchester but really he is a just guy..."

And it just keeps on going... 

Nazeem's reaction was all of us... 

"The first thing I heard is Tziporah and I looked around in the jungle and it took a while for my brain to compute, what the hell is going on?" he said. 

"Where am I? Why is this happening?"

But the former model seems to be oblivious to her campmate's reactions... 

"I don't do it for the compliments or the applause, I just do it because I love art and I love to share with people," Tziporah said.

"This is my medley for the camp. I am just rehearsing."

Unfortunately for Tziporah, the Australian public didn't really appreciate it either. 

She was eliminated tonight. 

So, there goes some of the drama! We wonder how the campmates will handle it... 

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