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Two House Rules Favourites Had To Separated From Each Other

Sunday night’s House Rules saw all three judges agree that Sean and Ella’s ‘Industrial Scandinavian’ renovation, was ‘one of the best transformations’ they had ever seen.

And it’s actually all they could agree on.

In a series first, a perfect ten came from Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen but not after a fiery argument between the English judge and architect Drew Heath.

Drew took issue to Laurence’s frequent condescension, snapping after the Englishman said he was going to ‘pull rank’ and insisted his opinion was wrong.

After the pair were bickering over the fictiveness of Kate and Harry’s statement timber dining room wall, the differing dates of the two came to a head in the bathroom.

Praising the couple for placing the bathroom bench top flush with the shower wall, Laurence praised: 'Look at that really sexy detail in the corner!' 

'That's not a detail that's a mistake!' Drew barked back 'makes the glass impossible to clean!'  The series' newest judge resorted to sarcasm, snapping: 'Do I look like I clean showers for a living Drew Heath?'

'No. I know you don't care,' the blonde replied, clearly frustrated about being spoken down to. To prevent the pair from continuing to argue, third judge Wendy Moore asked 'Do I have to get in between you two?'

Wendy then moved into the middle of the pair, to stop the argument.

House Rules continues tonight at 7:30 PM on Channel 7.

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