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There's A HUGE Issue With Australian Ninja Warrior

It’s the biggest show on Australian TV, with 1.6 million of us tuning in each night but a contestant has come out and told The Age about a huge issue with the show.

According to the unnamed contestant, they were not screened for performance-enhancing drugs before taking part in the new show and some of them are now concerned the decision could undermine the publics trust in the show.

Ninja Warrior contestants take the show very seriously, training for years before they take part in the course and doing it out if love as no money exchanges hands.

A spokesperson for the production company Endemol Shine confirmed that contestants were not drug testing, telling The Age "All competitors on Australian Ninja Warrior are subject to thorough assessment prior to taking part,"

Ninja Warriors around the world also don’t drug test their contestants as reality TV shows are not required to do so.

A fitness and movement coach, who does similar styles of training to Ninja Warrior, said drugs such as steroids "wouldn't necessarily help" contestants.

The Australian Ninja Warrior finale airs on Channel 9, Sunday at 7PM.

Source: The Age; Fairfax Media.

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