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There’s A Calf That Looks Just Like Gene Simmons!

Born to Rock ‘n’ Roll!

Genie the calf has been branded a ‘wonder of nature’ because she bares an insane resemblance to Gene Simmons from KISS!


The Texan cow has a very funny habit of sticking out her tongue, just like her doppleganger!

To get the rockstar’s attention,

Hill Country Visitor, a tourist company which promotes the region of Texas Hill, tried to out the star on social media.

A Facebook post said: “Gene Simmons, where were you, on or about November 26 2016?

“Now obviously we can’t serve this fine specimen, we may just keep Genie as we call her, as a Mascot for the Steakhouse.”

The band thought it was so great they shared the story on their facebook page!

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