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The 'Young Mummy' Sophie Cachia Has Revealed Sad News

Mummy blogger, Sophie Cache has revealed that her marriage is struggling.

In a post, the mother-of-two has revealed that her marriage with hubby Jaryd has taken a turn since she gave birth to baby Florence in January.

'We're not broken, just slightly bent,' Ms Cachia, from Melbourne, wrote on her Instagram page on Tuesday evening.

Ms Cache believes that having a baby would change any relationship, but this has shocked her the most.

Sophie said that her nights used to be filled with 'spontaneous dates and sex’ but now, that has changed and 'Between Bobby, Florence and my current workload, I hardly find time for myself at the end of the day let alone my husband,'

She is the first to admit that their relationship had survived their first baby quite ‘smoothly’ but having added to the family, their relationship had ‘died a little’.

'For the first time – and only fresh into our marriage – I'm seeing how kids can so easily divide parents,' she said. 

The post concluded with Sophie saying 'We're great. We're always so good. For the first time in nearly seven years, I feel like I have to step it up. 

Romantic weekend away with my man❤️ Oh, and kids...

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'We've gone up a notch in how hard we need to work to make Jaryd, and I exist as a couple - and not just as parents,' she said.

We hope they are OK.

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