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The Real Reason Jodie Foster Needed Crutches At The Oscars

So it wasn't an 'I, Tonya" moment after all...

An injured Jodie Foster joined Jennifer Lawrence on stage to present the Best Actress Oscar last night but it was hard not to notice Fonda's crutches. 

The running gag of course became all about the Oscar Nominated film I,Tonya - all at Meryl Streep's expense. 

When asked what happened Foster quickly retorted "Streep... She I Tonya'd me, but I'd prefer not to discuss it."

Lawrence joined in stating that Streep tripped her once too. 

The exchange had the audience in stitches - especially Meryl herself and Margot Robbie who starred in the movie as Tonya Harding herself. 

But why was Foster really on crutches? 

Her publicist claried, stating Foster sustained an injury in a skiing accident. 

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