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Australian Ninja Warrior Problem That Lets Athletes Down!

Competitors on Australian Ninja Warrior have apparently been struck down by the ‘Rebecca Maddern jinx’ as the commentator ‘cursed’ their performance.

Madder had been praising the efforts of contenders as they moved through the course in Monday night’s semi-final episode when everything came undone.

At one point she was telling fellow commentator Ben Fordham how well Zayne Wealthall was progressing before he crashed out of the competition almost immediately.

'He looks incredibly focused Ben. He's not put a foot wrong,' Maddern said.

But just as she finished her sentence, Walthall lost his footing and slipped off the spinning log obstacle, landing in the water to cries of 'Oh, he's out'.

'It's the Rebecca Maddern jinx, and it strikes again,' Fordham said.

Maddern responded: 'Next time somebody goes across the spinning log, I'm not saying a word. Not one word'.  

She had been commenting on Warwick Draper earlier in the show before he also suffered the same fate.

'This is a serious contender,' Maddern had said before he too slipped on the spinning log and landed in the water, ending his campaign.   

The NRL Footy Show host Beau Ryan also slipped off on the spinning log but Maddern quipped ‘I'm not saying a word'. 

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