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The NEW Fifty Shades FREED Trailer Has Dropped And Good God

Women everywhere have been waiting patiently for the release of the next Fifty Shades of Grey film, and while it isn't out just yet, we have been treated to the next installment of the trailer.

And holy moly, if this 2 minutes and fifteen second teaser is anything to go by, this one is set to be INTENSE!

Let's pick up where we left off shall we? In the last one minute teaser for Fifty Shades Freed, we saw Anna and Christian take the plunge into marriage.

And while this new look at the film starts off with the usual Fifty Shades heated romance between the now Mr and Mrs Grey, with longing stares, sexy music and LOTS of making out, the honeymoon stage of their marriage does not seem to last very long...

*Cue gasps*...Because these films are never drama filled right?

There's plenty of jealousy and issues set to enter the world of the Grey's and threaten their happiness with the introduction of a promiscuous contractor, Gia Matteo, who Christian hires to build their house, and Anna's obsessive former boss Jack Hyde.

Yep this love boat is about to be rocked people.

But don't worry, there's still plenty of steamy moments filled with showers, whips and blindfolds, ready to make your cheeks blush as the film enters cinemas on Valentine's day 2018.

There's even some incentive for your boyfriend to watch it with you, with one heck of a car chase scene teased in the trailer.

And with a tagline such as "Don't miss the climax"...well, this seems like one film you DON'T want to miss.

Don't take our word for it, check out the trailer for yourself above. But just be warned ladies, you might need to take a cold shower afterwards...

The final chapter, Fifty Shades Freed, is in cinemas February 14 next year.

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