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The Jaw-Dropping Moment On 'The Block'

They won $10,000 for their amazing kitchen on Sunday, scoring all marks and being the best on the Block once again.

However, on Monday’s show, Elyse Knowles and Josh Barker were knocked off their pedestal, after rival Jason robbed in their kitchen.

Shocking their co-stars, Josh and Elyse lost points and were told that Jason and Sarah - who came second that week - were now tied with them for first place for their kitchen, and were also given $10,000. 

'Mate, that is dog s**t!,' Sticks said as he fired up at Jason and Sarah.

Sticks said it was unfair that Jason and Sarah could win, as they were given an extra week to do their kitchen, master bedroom and ensuite, plus being allowed by the teams to sit out of that week's challenge.

Josh was furious that Jason had called in Elyse and himself, for something eh says is not their fault.

Their gas stove top was too close to the Caesarstone splash back according to building and safety regulations and was something the judges overlooked.

'He's shown his true colours now,' Josh said about Jason. 

'He shot us down behind our backs and will say to our face, "it's not about the win."'

He added: 'He needs to learn to shut his mouth and do some work.'

Jason said to camera that he had 'no intentions' for Josh and Elyse to lose points. 

The Block continues tonight at 7:30PM on Channel Nine

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