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The House Rules Showdown That Has Seen ALL The Teams FUMING

Tuesday night’s House Rules couldn’t have left you angrier if you tried.

It was time for Fiona and Nicole to go through their new home, which was previous a tin shed but was knocked down at the start of the weeks build.

However, Fiona was left unimpressed by the revamp and it has led to accusations of her 'not appreciating' the hard work that was done. 


When we saw judges  Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Wendy Moore and Drew Heath going through the home, they were left unimpressed, with Lauren saying artwork in the home looked like ‘the scene of a mass murder.’

The most intense sequence of events ten unfollowed, with Fiona and Nicole only ‘loving’ the first two rooms they saw, a hallway and mudroom, which were pretty basic, to say the least.

WA contestants Andrew & Jono had taken on an extra hour this week, an outdoor area, that could see them rewarded with an extra five points on the board if Fiona liked it.. however, she didn’t because it was too industrial and didn’t hit her rule of ‘contemporary country.’


Queenslander Aaron was left shocked by the feedback the girls were giving saying Fiona had 'forgotten she was living in a shack'. 

Fiona and Nicole ended up scoring Andrew and Jono a seven, Sean and Ella a five, Kate and Harry a five, Troy and Bec a six, Aaron and Danielle a four. 


It led to an intense showdown between the contestants, who were unhappy with their scores and the other teams asked what 'contemporary country' meant but no clear description was given.


It’s going to be a very full on series of House Rules and it continues tonight at 7:30PM on Seven.

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