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The House Rules Moment That Left A Home Owner Shocked

House Rules contestant Fiona Taylor only discovered her family home was to be flattened just minutes before a giant wrecking ball brought it to the ground.

The single-mum-of-two was told on camera that the house she had bought for $100,000 for herself and her two boys Keanan, 11, and Bannon, 14 was destroyed on the first night of the show.

When she was asked if she knew that it was a possible outcome of going on the show, Fiona told “I found out they could on camera. That was real. They can do anything the want. I shed a tear for all the memories we shared there.”

Contestants who enter House Rules sign a contract with Channel Seven that outlines what their participation in the show means.

A Channel Seven spokesman said, however, “We don’t comment on contract specifics as it’s confidential between production and the contestant, however as the contestants are handing over their keys, they are handing over control of their house.”

It is the first time in the show's history that a home has been demolished and needed to be built from scratch in seven days.

Despite the shock demolition, Taylor said she had “no regrets” about appearing on the show.

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