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The Feud That Could End TWO Marriages On MAFS

A bitter fight is ready to erupt between Married At First Sight twins Saron and Michelle Marsh, after Sharon discovers her sister has started following her ‘husband’ Nick Furphy on flirt social media app, Snapchat.

In the latest bridal war to break out on the show tonight, Sharon is sent into a jealous rage and refused to look or even speak to her twin, after Michelle reveals she has contacted Furphy.

Michelle pleads with her insecure sibling: “don’t get weird about the Nick thing,” explaining “I’ve got everyone on Snapchat.”

When Sharon will not be swayed Michelle calls her “a f***ing nutcase,” as Sharon storms off screen.

Speaking to the Herald Sun, however, Michelle has explained the sisters fight was a misunderstanding, rather than Sharon believing that anything inappropriate happened between her sister and Furphy.

“Sharon’s a bit of a moron with technology. I don’t think she knew what Snapchat was. I think she thought it was like Tinder or something,” Michelle said.

Michelle’s marriage to Jesse Konstantioff has struggled compared to her sister’s and has insisted that her ties with Furphy were innocent, saying “We’ve always had a rule about that [not dating the same person]. Once Sharon dates someone they become like a brother to me. So Nick’s like my brother.”

Married At First Sight continues tonight at 7:30PM on Nine.

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