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The Bizarre House Rules Insult That Left Everyone Baffled

House Rules couple Troy and Bec have been slammed as ‘unfair’ by their fellow contestants for failing the bonus room in their house and also giving the lowest score of the season.

However, the couple have stood by their scoring, claiming it ‘could take them a year’ to fix up their home.

Tassie couple Sean and Ella were given a two-out-of-ten for their renovation of the ensuite bathroom and bedroom that belongs to Bec’s son, Josh, 12.

“Sean and Ella were given the smallest room in the house (the ensuite bathroom). And to enclose it all in black like that, it’s black on black on black ... it’s too much black, it’s the only bathroom of the series that has two exposed walls that aren’t tiled,” Troy said, adding he found the ensuite “depressing”.


He added that the tiles used would soar up too much soap and shampoo and it’s ‘’pretty much a nightmare ensuite.’’

The couple now say they will have to get tilers in to replace the work and it ‘would not be cheap.’’

They will also be getting rid the soccer field Sean and Ella installed on their sons roof.


“Josh said on camera he liked the room but off-camera he told us he didn’t like it,” revealed Troy. “He said he thought he had to be polite.”

The biggest insult was towards South Australians Kate and Harry who were failed for their Kim Kardashian-inspired bedroom for Bec’s daughter Hayley, 14.


“The bonus room was Kim Kardashian inspired but all it had was some curtains on the ceiling and a little bit of wallpaper in the corner. They could have taken it to the next level: a chandelier, some crushed velvet curtains. They could have jazzed it up a lot more,” said Troy.

“It was pretty basic, it was okay, but it wasn’t a pass for us.”

It’s going to be so interesting this week!

House Rules continues tonight at 7:30 PM on Channel Seven.

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