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The Best Moment Of The House Rules Blow Up That You Missed

They are the New South Wales team in this year's House Rules and on Monday night, Troy and Bec staged House Rules first walkout.

The self-described battlers were moved to the bottom of the leaderboard after they failed the ‘bonus room’ in what they think was a ‘tactical move’.

The house rule for their bonus room was to design it with Nordic inspiration.

As Tassie team-mate Ella revealed they had failed the room, she said 'Nordic is airy, bright, it's about minimalism and being simple and functional and for a guest, it's cosy and relaxing as well,'

As soon as they realised they had failed, Team New South Wales were ropable, with Troy saying 'No surprises there,'

'You must have known we did that room.'

'We actually thought it was the girls because it felt mismatched,' Ella replied, in reference to Victorian duo Fiona and Nicole. 

'It felt as if two different people had styled the bedside tables,' she continued.

'That's Nordic!' argued Troy. 'If you study it, that's Nordic.'

Ella came back, saying 'We know Nordic, it is us!'

A visibly annoyed Troy then walked out of the studio, saying that it was a ‘massive kick in the guts.’’

Now, we think the best part of all the argument, was Bec removing her shoes after 5 seconds of leaving the studio, she's just one of us, isn't she?

Also, Troy saying about the study critique that they could ‘blow it out their arse’.


House Rules continues tonight at 7:30 PM on Channel 7, with a 'medical emergency'

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