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The Awkward Moment After Ash Pollard Asks Kris For A Kiss

We all know Ash Pollard has held a torch for the mega hottie Kris Smith in the jungle. 

And when the pair were made to recreate that iconic Titanic scene, she thought she'd try her luck. 

While she got a bit of an embrace as he tried to fish out the stars from the box in front of her... she didn't get her wish....

A very awkward laugh from the model... who shrugged it off and pretended to be much more interested in the taipan around her neck than her. 

We could't help but cringe a little. 

At least they won two stars for a good feed tonight? 

It all went down in a tucker trial 'Sunday Fright At The Movies'. 

At least Keira got a bit of flirtation from Bondi Vet Chris (and, er, we think we'd almost prefer that).

While she couldn't see after having gunk in her eyes after her challenge, he jokingly asked if this was a "blind date".

Following up with, "your place or mine? Your place is a dump!"

One contestant is set to leave the house tonight after being eliminated... and for the first time, the camp will be down to 11... 

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