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Some Of The Gogglebox Cast FINALLY Met

You guys, I don't know about you but I LOVE Gogglebox!

The premise of the show is bloody clever and I ADORE the cast. It's incredibly entertaining and fascinating and the people are just truly wonderful.

Do you know what I adore even more? When the cast get together... which by the way, has never happened. UNTIL NOW!

You may think it is odd that they have never met, but if you think about it, the show is filmed in seperate locations, in seperate states and the only interaction they have with show people are the producers, so it really isn't all that strange.

So when they got together, we were like, it's about time! It's been five and a half seasons!

Wayne and Tom, Isabelle Silbery, Matt, Kate and Holly Dalton, Adam and Symon and Lee and Keith all got together for drinks and took this brilliant family photo.

"The meeting finally happened and not one person managed to get a word in all night," Adam and/or Symon put on their FB page. Lol. No shock there.

Unfortunately some of our ultimate favourites were missing (Ahem Angie and Evie, Anastasia and Faye and all the dogs) but it's still the best pic ever!

Now that they've met, I kind of feel like my friends have my met my other friends, and now we can all hang out together. Feel me?

Here's hoping that every single one of them - all 35 to be exact - will get together soon!

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