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Samuel Johnson's Sister Connie Has Revealed What Will Happen

Samuel Johnson’s sister Connie has opened up about the role her devoted brother will play in the lives of her sons when her battle with cancer comes to an end.

The 40-year-old, who is dying of breast cancer, spoke with TV week about her plans for her family.

The mother of Willoughby, 10, and Hamilton, nine, has revealed that she and Sam have spoken about the contribution he will make in their lives.

When the time is right, we do have these discussions,' she said. 'He knows what I want, and as an uncle, he will know what they need.'

Sam says that he dedicated to being the children 'touchstone for their mum'.

'They need to have someone outside their very direct, core family who they can come to,' he continued. 'I feel I'm the best person for that.'

Connie has also explained that her husband Mike has 'deliberately chosen' to remain out of the public eye, he has supported their advocacy 'wholeheartedly'.

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