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Rumours Bindi Could Elope As Joins US Dancing With The Stars

If the latest gossip’s to be believed, Terri Irwin fears Bindi will elope with her US boyfriend Chandler Powell.

The news comes as the 17-year-old announced she’s joining the next season of Dancing With The Stars in the States.

According to US tabloid mag Globe, a “source” has told how the teen conservation plans to elope and move to Florida to be with her new beau.

“She’s terrified Bindi will elope with Chandler unless she invites him to live at Australia Zoo,” the mag reports.

“Terri thinks Bindi should date other guys and not become involved in a committed romantic relationship.”

While we’re less than convinced by the story, we can confirm the star will at least spend some more time in the US when she makes her dancing debut.

Talking to Good Morning America, Bindi admitted the reality show will be a challenge unlike anything before.

“This is completely different to anything I have ever done in my life,” she said.

“I am used to wrangling crocodiles. I actually just got back from our annual crocodile research trip.”

She went on to tell how she hopes the experience will inspire others to seize the opportunity.

“It’s all about having the courage and strength and for mre, it is something completely different but I hope that I am able to inspire others in their own lives to seize opportunity and to make a difference and just jump. Take that leap – even if it terrifies you.”

h/t New Idea andJust Jared

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