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Rebel Wilson Gets Serious On US Gun Laws

Rebel Wilson isn't known for her serious side, but following the Louisiana cinema shooting she's not laughing.

Taking to Twitter, our favourite funny lady has spoken out about US gun laws, urging America to follow in Australia's footsteps.

The shooting, which took place during a screening of Amy Schumer's new film Trainwreck, left two people dead and nine injured.

Gunman, John "Rusty" Houser, had a criminal record that included arson and selling alcohol to a minor.

According to authorities, because of his record Houser was refused a permit to carry a concealed gun in 2006.

However, in Alabama a permit is not required to buy or own a gun.

Australia's own gun laws were overhauled in 1996 following the Port Arthur massacre where 35 people were killed by lone gunman, Martin Bryant.

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