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Qld Police Just Won With This Cheeky Bachelorette Tweet

While Lee may have won Georgia’s heart on The Bachelorette last night, it’s Queensland Police who have won ours with this cheeky tweet!

As Australia mourned the broken heart of Matty who was left without a rose in Singapore, one fan pointed out there had been a robbery.

A robbery of poor Matty’s heart.

Taking to Twitter, Jonathan Lea decided it was time to get the police involved, writing “There’s a bloke called #mattyj and he’s been robbed blind”.

Luckily QPS Media were on the case and not about to let things escalate out of control.

Our favourite tweeting police department responded that they were on the case.

“We’re aware of these disturbing reports,” they wrote.

“Working to determine if we have jurisdiction & why it took an hour to filter in.”

Thank goodness there’s someone official on the case!

Oh and Matty, if you need a shoulder to cry on… or snuggle against, we’re here.

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