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Prince's DNA To Be Consideration In Handling Estate

The handling of the Prince's estate has just gotten messier. 

A Minnesota judge has ordered a blood sample from the late singer to determine DNA patterns and ensure only truthful heirs get their piece of his vast fortune. 

While Prince's body has been cremated, a blood sample from his autopsy has been spared and sent to a medical examiner. 

Judge Kevin Eide made the order after a number of unknowns came forward claiming to be heirs of the performer. 

The judge also added a second contingency, that anyone who wishes to be eligible must file a notice with the Carver County court within four months to be considered. 

At the time of Prince's death, he had no known children. 

Eide has already denied the request of one man who claimed he had an 'implied' contract with Prince that he was to retain all musical rights. 

We hope the case can be settled as fairly as possible and in a way that Prince himself would be comfortable with. 

H/T Rolling Stone

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