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Pete Evans Has Single-Handedly Ruined The Bunnings Hot Dog

We can deal with chef Pete Evans throwing around paleo recipes here and there. 

But this one is just out of hand. 

He has gone and single-handedly ruined the hallowed food item that is the Bunnings sausage in bread.

Add a bit of sauce - good! It's encouraged!

Some onions - even better!

But remove the bun and put a snag in a lettuce leave?


Pete has begun advertising a range of organic beef sausages that will be on the shelves at Coles and Woolies (for a pricey $7.99 for five hot dogs might we add).

But in the add one recipe suggestion is to serve them in a lettuce leaf.


It just feels so Un-Australian! 

How do you feel about the new serving suggestion for a 'sausage in bread'? Comment below. 

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