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Pamela Anderson's Vegan Boots Made Out of Recycled TVs

Pamela Anderson has a new line of boots out and since she's a bigtime animal rights activist, it makes sense that they're vegan.  But what is surprising is that they're made out of recycled TV screens. 

And that wasn't easy to do.  She says she's been working on them for 15 years.  Quote, "We wanted to find really great fabrics, and these are made out of recycled electronics.

"Fifteen years ago they thought I was crazy that I wanted to make boots out of TV screens."  Which still sounds crazy, but whatever.  And they look like normal boots . . . she didn't reveal how the TV screens were used.

They're called "Pammies," because apparently that's what people once called Uggs, since she used to wear them all the time.  She feels guilty about that now, because Uggs are made out of 'shearling,' a skin from a recently sheared sheep or lamb.

Quote, "I made them popular unfortunately on 'Baywatch' . . . so now I wanted to make my own Pammies."  They cost between $300 and $500 a pair.  For more info, hit up


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