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Nicole Kidman’s ‘Secret Deal’ To Play Schapelle Corby

There are whispers through Tinseltown that “our Nic” has approached Hollywood heavyweights with a ‘secret deal’ to play convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby.

According to a New Idea source, the actress has seen some similarities between Schapelle’s story and her 1989 miniseries Bangkok Hilton.

A source for the mag claims that Nicole has pitched the story to the bosses, who hadn’t previously heard about the mysterious case of the drugs in the boogie board.

The “insider” told the mag that Nicole thinks a film like this would help women like Schapelle.

ICYMI – The film will follow Schapelle’s story, beginning with her arrest in Indonesia with four kilograms of marijuana in her boogie board in 2005. 

Schapelle has always maintained her innocence, and it would appear the 40-year-old has now seen the funny side to the ordeal.

"There's a boogie board! And flippers!" she says. "This is not the boogie board that was taken at the airport, this is new one that I bought upon my release from Kerobokan [Prison],” she captioned the video posted to Instagram.

Boogie in Bali My board i left behind #boogieboard #bali #waves #mybalihousestoreroom #2017

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Too soon Schapelle. Too soon.

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