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We've Crowned The My Kitchen Rules Season Ten Villains

My Kitchen Rules kicks off their tenth season next Monday and while it’s no doubt going to be a special one for their anniversary, there’s still a bunch of elements that never change from season to season.

We’ve still got the instant restaurants; We’ve got Pete and Manu as the judges; And of COURSE we’ve got a mixed group of friendly, hilarious and fiery contestants to bring the drama.

And well, after watching these clips released by the folks over at the My Kitchen Rules headquarters, we reckon we’ve already crowned the villains before the show has even begun.

Their names are Josh and Austin and they’re young brothers and aspiring chefs from NSW. And seriously, they sound like they’ve just stepped out of the male version of Mean Girls!

Meet Josh:


“I sometimes feel guilty for making people so upset but then I realise that it’s their problem that they’re so emotionally fragile,” he says.

And Meet Austin:


“Get over it! I’m just saying my opinion. Those guys are nicer than all you fake people,” he says.

Yeeeeep. This is going to be one interesting season! Check it out the bros for yourself in the videos above!

My Kitchen Rules Season 10 starts Monday 28th January at 7pm on Channel Seven.

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