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MKR's 'Seafood King' Serves Up A Shocker

After their run in with Della and Tully, Josh and Amy really put the pressure on themselves when it came to having their fellow MKR contestants, and of course Pete and Manu dine at their home in Broome, Western Australia.  

Josh has described himself as a 'Seafood King' despite showing limited knowledge about several varieties of fish, and claimed that he was going to prepare 'the best seafood the competitions seen'

So when it took well over two hours for the entree of chorizo stuffed squid to be served, expectations were high.

When it finally arrived, Alyce noted that it didn't look 'appetizing' and her fellow contestants, as well as the judges, agreed.

Pete found it 'adequate' at best and went on to say that the sauce 'wasn't worthy of this competition' and tasted like 'tinned diced tomatoes'

After that massive setback Pete and Amy went to work on their main meal, beer battered barramundi with shoestring fries and tartare sauce, a meal Amy claimed they could prepare 'with our eyes closed'

But when the batter started sticking to the cage of the deep fryer, it looked like maybe they had been cooking without looking after all!

It was another long wait for their fellow contestants before they finally received their main meal, and when it did arrived the fish didn't appear to have any actual batter and the fries looked soggy and unappetizing.

Josh admitted it was "the worst fish I've ever cooked in my life" and unfortunately for he and Amy, Pete and Manu agreed.

Pete described it as a 'disaster' while Manu also had nothing positive to describe about any single element of the dish.

Things went from bad to worse as Pete was very unimpressed with the dessert of Cape brandy pudding, however Manu enjoyed it and said it was easily the best best dish of the three, describing it as 'simple'

To say their fellow contestants were unimpressed with what was served up is an understatement, they gave the pair a combined score of just 18 out of 50.

It was no surprise that Pete and Manu also scored them poorly to give them total score for the night of just 43 which sees them drop down the leader board instead of taking out first spot as Josh had predicted.

Next time around it's Della and Tully's turn to try and top Kelsey and Amanda who currently sit on 95 points.


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