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You've Been Saying This One Harry Potter Spell Wrong

Remember in the first Harry Potter film when Hermione tells Ron that he's pronouncing the levitation spell wrong?


Well forgive us but we're about to have a moment like that. Except that this isn't just pronunciation...apparently we've been saying the words in this one spell completely wrong this ENTIRE TIME!!

We're talking 16-years of incorrect incantation people... Okay let us explain what we mean.

Also from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, remember when Seamus Finnigan is sitting in the great hall trying to turn his water into rum? (despite the fact that he is incredibly underage might we add...)

Now this is what we always heard: Eye of rabbit, haffring hum, turn this water into rum.

Now of course 'haffring' isn't a word but we just figured, it's a spell, they're always full of made up words! Hello, Wingardium Leviosa? Accio? Avada Kedavra?  

You heard that too? Okay good...well good because that means that we're not the only crazy ones! Apparently that's actually NOT what Seamus says at all.

The spell really goes: Eye of rabbit, harp string hum, turn this water into rum.

WHAAAAAAAAAT?! Crazy right! It doesn't sound anything like that! Although we have a feeling that might have something to do with Seamus' Irish accent...

Or you know, maybe Seamus actually says the spell wrong himself and that's why he's constantly blowing things up?! Mind. Blown. Forgive the pun.

So if you've already mastered levitation, you're a pro at conjuring a patronus and you wanted to try turning water into rum as your next magical feat we suggest learning the ACTUAL words of the spell.

Otherwise you might end up looking something like this...


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