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MAFS' Cheryl Is Caught Up In A HUGE Drugs Scandal

Married At First Sight contestant Cheryl Maitland has confirmed to Woman’s Day that she is the woman pictured in a shocking video that shows her snorting a line of white powder of her breasts.

The reality TV star is seen throwing her head back and laughing as she snorts a white substance off her right boob with a $50 note, while a man says “that’s so good."

Cheryl is seen dressed in a pink string bikini and at least one person is seen filming from behind the camera.

Her older sister also confirmed the video, saying “Yes, we are aware this video of Cheryl is circulating.”

It’s been quite a week for the bride, with her sending fans of the show into meltdown after she decided to get with Perth firefighter Andrew after she broke up with Jonathan on the show.

Married at First Sight continues on Monday on Channel 9.

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