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MAFS Cheryl Found With TWO Men In Her Bed

Cheryl Maitland's turn on this season of Married At First Sight has been marred by controversy from the get-go; with topless photos, pre-surgery pics and a video purporting to show the 25-year-old snorting drugs, Cheryl has never been far from the headlines.

But according to The Sunday Telegraph, there's even more scandal that hasn't been broadcast, with Confidential revealing that Andrew Jones woke up during the couple's Gold Coast homestay to find another man in their bed.

The publication is also reporting that a friend of Cheryl's allegedly used her stiletto heel to pierce the Perth firefighter's neck the night before.

Twitter users have fired up since the news broke, with many wondering why both incidents weren't shown on the show; it's hard to ignore the fact that they would help to explain why "Jonesy" is so resentful towards Cheryl, and coult throw the show's legitimacy into question.

Unsurprisingly, the toxic couple finally decided to go their separate ways on Sunday night's show, bailing before the commitment ceremony.

"Last night at the dinner party I had a classic argument with Cheryl as well right in the middle of things," Andrew said.

"We have those moments frequently and I guess that's why we're in separate rooms. 

"To be completely honest I don't think the result of that will change things between Cheryl and I.

"I feel like the other couples are really on a completely different level to the experience that Cheryl and I are having.

"They seem to be relishing the experiment and taking on the challenge and it just seems Cheryl and I are on the other side of that."

Say what you will about Cheryl and Andrew, the show won't be the same without them.

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