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MAFS Contestants Seen Visibly Perspiring On Set

Following allegations by two former Married At First Sight brides that contestants were forced to sit in stifling heat during dinner parties, tonight's episode is sure to raise a few eyebrows. 

During part two of tonight's reunion episode, contestants are seen visibly perspiring. While some may have been a little hot under the collar due to their antics on the show, after Susan spilled her guts on what allegedly goes on behind the scenes, it's hard not to notice how tired and hot they all look.  

While we all know Michael isn't used to wearing many clothes in public, the stripper looked like he'd played five sets against Rafael Nadal as he sat talking with the 'experts' 

Source: Nine Network

Next to feel the heat was adorable/non-polynesian John. His button up white tops turned see through (to the delight of many middle-aged women) as he sweat up a storm under the hot studio lights. It got so bad droplets of sweat began dripping from his neck and forehead.

As he walked back to join the other contestants he remarked:  “How bad am I sweating! It’s even worse when I talk.”

“Sorry, I feel embarrassed. Very," he continued as he returned to his sit, grabbing a tissue to mop up the droplets on his forehead. 


Susan made headlines this week when she broke her confidentiality agreement with Nine revealing the contestants were plied with alcohol, refused toilet breaks and fed lines to the camera by producers.

In a statement a Nine spokesperson said: “All participants are given adequate food, water and breaks and have access to psychological support, which has always been available at any time throughout the show and continues to be,” the spokesman said in a statement.





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