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Lord Of The Rings In Talks To Become A TV SERIES!

Warner Bros and Amazon are teaming up in a glorious collaboration to bring the world of Lord of the Rings to the small screen! Warner Bros. Television have reportedly been negotiating with the estate of J.R.R Tolkien to develop the show that will be based on the novels and then released on Amazon.


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is also said to be personally involved in the project, dealing with the negotiations. This is an interesting development since he usually doesn’t involve himself in the deal-making side of the studio. Clearly, he is very excited for this project!

It is not yet clear which Tolkien stories will be adapted for the television show, but it’s likely to be the original Lord of the Rings books. There is also a chance that The Silmarillion will also be adapted or The Hobbit is also on the table to be incorporated in the television adaptation. 

However, you might have to wait a while before anything comes to light as these negotiations are still in the very early stages of development and no deals have been struck yet. 

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