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Jonesy Has Just RIPPED Into One Of The MAFS Psychologists!

“Does your psychologist froth when things get ugly? Is he/she into revenge and/or payback???? You might not be getting your money’s worth”

He was cast as the villain on this season’s Married At First Sight, but it seems Andrew Jones isn’t about to take it sitting down!

Jonesy’s taken to Instagram to take a not-so-subtle dig at the show’s psychologist John Aiken – and he doesn’t hold back.

Sharing a screenshot of one of John’s Instagram posts, Jonesy was quick to point out the bias shown.

Promoting an upcoming episode, John teased fans writing, “Are things going to get ugly between Jonesy [sic] and Cheryl tonight? Perhaps a little payback?”.

While we’re still not on team Jonesy after he was busted dissing his second ‘wife’ Cheryl on the show, you can kind of understand his point.

Then again, it is reality TV…

Who are you with on this one?

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