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Janis Joplin Once Made the Hell's Angels Clean Her House

There's a new documentary about Janis Joplin out, and at the premiere on Sunday night in New York, Janis' last boyfriend David Niehaus told an amusing story about a situation they had with the Hell's Angels.

He said, quote, "We're sound asleep and we hear all this noise in the living room and she goes, 'Honey, go see what that is,' and I go out there and there's five Hell's Angels in the living room.

"Two of them have guns in their belts, and they've got the fridge open and all the food out.  I go back in and she said, 'Get rid of [them].'  I said, 'I don't know, these guys have got guns, there's five of them.'"

So Janis took matters into her own hands.  She went out and scolded them, and made them leave.  But then they came back about an hour later.

Niehaus said, quote, "It was the middle of the night.  They came back and they brought ten bags of groceries, filled up the refrigerator, and they cleaned the house.  They wiped the counters down and they left.  So she had the power.

"Sometimes she was a little girl and sometimes she was a giant."

The documentary is called "Janis: Little Girl Blue".  

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