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How Brynne Edelsten Lost A WHOPPING 13kgs!

Never one to shy away from controversy, Brynne Edelsten has revealed her dramatic new figure as she attended an Alice In Wonderland themed party in Melbourne.

The Melbourne socialite has lost a whopping 13kgs, dropping three dress sizes from 12 to 6!

And now she has spilled the beans on how exactly she's managed to do it.

In a interview with Woman's Day, the 32 year old shared that she avoids sugary drinks during nights out on the town, sticking to vodka and soda, but she does indulge every now and then.

She does an hour of exercise at least five days a week and says, 'It's given me more confidence, but beyond just the way it looks. It's being able to take control of something, and the fact that I've committed to it.'

Brynne's been filming a new nightclub-themed documentary called Clubland, coming next year.

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