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How Australia Reacted To Rebecca Maddern On The Footy Show

The Footy Show host James Brayshaw started Thursday nights Footy Show by introducing Rebecca Maddern as a ''beautiful girl taking over as host.''

It may have been seen as a patronising start but it was clear from the first moment that Maddern is much more than a ''beautiful girl.''

From beginning to end she fitted in well in the blokey, matey atmosphere of the show.

It was clear the producers wanted to make sure the viewing public knew Maddern wasn't there to clean up the show or try and put Sam Newman in a cage, so he would be quiet.

In fact, she introduced Newman as ''Mr Football'' which is a clear indication that this show isn't changing.

There was a quick awkward moment when Newman gave Maddern his business card but after that it was business as normal.

Social media blew up early on in the broadcast as it appeared Maddern had notes on her hand but she never looked down and never used them, showcasing just why she was offered the job.

The watching Australian public seemed to be on board with the new host as well with the majority of users leaping on social media to praise Maddern on her first night;

There was of course some negative feedback from hardcore Footy Show fans but as the hosting panel is unlikely to change.. we may be hearing from them for a while;

The Footy Show airs on Thursday nights at 8:30PM.

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