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Dr Phil just Shaved Off His Mo And We Don't Know How To Feel

If you didn't spend sick days from school lying on the couch watching Judge Judy, Doctor Phil, Jerry Springer and a hard to watch midday movie, then who really are you?!

So we got the shock of our lives when we saw this latest Instagram post - a collection of photos and a video. 

The one and only Dr Phil has gone and shaved off his mo - and we just need a moment. 

Now it's all timed in with April Fools - so we're skeptical... But it's still an interesting sight to see.

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Well... I did it.

A post shared by Dr. Phil (@drphil) on

Surely he wouldn't get rid of such an iconic feature! 

The post has received over 52k likes and plenty of comments. So we're not the only ones with strong opinions on this! 

What do you think!? 

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