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The Aussie Singer Set To Play Olivia Newton-John On TV

Word is out that Aussie darling Delta Goodrem is set to play Olivia Newton-John in a new miniseries about the superstar's life. 

According to reportsGoodrem has the approval of Newton-John to play her in the miniseries, otherwise she would not have accepted the role.

We don't blame Delta, it's certainly a massive role to take on. 

After cancelling her appearance at the 2016 ARIA Awards, many fans were left wondering where Delta was and why she couldn't make it to the awards.

Perhaps this is reason why! Delta is said to be in Melbourne now for the Channel 7 miniseries and only just read through the script for the exciting new show today. 


Olivia and Delta have known each other for years.

“Olivia’s been an incredible guiding light with me,” Goodrem has said in the past.

We can't wait to see the show!

Source: Herald Sun

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