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Kevin Hart Mimics David Beckham For H&M

The new H&M campaign shows Beckham looking uncomfortable during a photo shoot as the 36-year-old comedian is mimicking his pose and calling his name in a room facing the set.

David Beckham doesn't seem to be happy about filming a new H&M campaign together with Kevin Hart. The former Manchester United player looks annoyed as Hart keeps mimicking his every move, either he's in a photo shoot or during a tea time.

The video opens with a phone call from Beckham's manager who says that there's someone who wants to stay with Beckham for a couple of days to learn his mannerisms and accent in the hope of portraying him in an upcoming film "I, Beckham". When Beckham tries to refuse it, suddenly that person, Hart, wearing the same outfit as Beckham arrives at Beckham's set.

Beckham looks uncomfortable during a photo shoot as Hart is mimicking his pose and calling his name in a room facing the set. Later on, when the 40-year-old model has a tea time, Hart joins him. Both of them are wearing the same outfits and reading newspaper. At one point, Beckham takes a cup of tea from the table and Hart soon follows his move. Hart then takes a note when Beckham says, "I'm English. I drink a lot of tea."

Hart really tries to do everything like Beckham. They go workout together and take ice bath together. The "Get Hard" actor also manages to make Beckham laugh as he mimics Beckham's words about his workout regime. Hart even tries to bend it like Beckham but fails as the can he kicks goes straight and hits a car's window.

After filming the campaign, Hart tells H&M Life about how easy it is to mimic Beckham, "It was very easy. The thing that David and I have in common is sexiness. It comes naturally to me." 

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