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Chris Hemsworth Isn’t Keen On Making An Actual ‘Dundee’ Film

When teaser trailers for an upcoming Dundee sequel first hit the internet, people began freaking out with excitement. However, it was eventually revealed that it was all an ad campaign for Tourism Australia with the official advert running during the Super Bowl. 

The fake movie trailers that starred Danny McBride, Hugh Jackman, Margot Robbie, Liam Hemsworth, Isla Fisher, Russell Crowe and the original Dundee Paul Hogan, drummed up so much attention and interest that fans began to ask for the ad to be extended into a full length feature film.

Chris Hemsworth has now revealed in an interview on Channel 7 breakfast show Sunrise that although the crew, “joked about making it,” he’s just not keen on being involved in such an iconic franchise for real. 

“I love this pitch on the commercial with the sort of reversals of the roles and it makes it fresher and unique. [But] I wouldn’t want to touch on the iconic Paul Hogan version.”

Although Hemsworth isn’t on board, you can still dream about a Dundee sequel. 

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