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BREAKING: Heartbreaking News For Hugh Hefner

A sensational report published in the National Enquirer has claimed that 91-year-old Hugh Hefner, "has just three weeks to live."

According to the magazine, the playboy icon has been hiding the fact that he is suffering from a deadly cancer and is said to have already planned his burial, having purchased the burial vault next to Marilyn Monroe in Westwood Village Memorial Park.

A source has revealed, "Hef is deteriorating rapidly. He's als stopped eating, which is a sure sign he is near the end."

"His doctors say it's just a matter of time. The verdict is it will be a miracle if he lasts more than three weeks," the source added.

Hefner's health has been declining for years but the death of his brother Keith last April was the apparent cause for his health issues worsening.

The same source claimed that, "He was never right after his brother died the day before Hef's 90th birthday."

It is being alleged that his son Cooper is set to take over the family business and run the Playboy Mansion but Hefner is still yet to comment on the claims himself.

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