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Viewer Gives Shoutout To Lisa Wilkinson On Today Show

The TODAY show has had it’s fair share of awkward moments recently but we have to say that this hilarious moment takes the cake.

The show’s sports presenter, tim Gilbert, was doing a live cross with one of their “loyal” listeners at a BP petrol station when something slightly embarrassing happened.

Tim had just rewarded an elderly woman, Cathy, with free fuel when he asked her to give a shout out to the hosts of the show. And well that’s what she tried to do but what came out of her mouth was far from what they expected.

No she didn’t swear, she didn’t make some awkward joke. Catchy, a massive fan of the TODAY show genuinely wanted to say hello to the team, but she accidentally said, “Hi Lisa!”

YOU COULD’VE CHOSEN ANY NAME CATHY! Karl, Georgie, Sylvia, I mean even ‘hello Dickie’ would’ve been better. Catchy quickly realised her mistake and tried to back track by saying “oh Georgie and Karl” with a clearly embarrassed look on her face.

She finished off saying, “love your show” before quickly hopping into her freshly filled car and driving the heck out of there leaving Tim to pick up the pieces.

He tried to brush off the incident by saying, “Lisa’s one of our producers, morning Lisa!”. You’re not fooling anyone there darl.

Karl couldn’t help but laugh when the cameras cut back to the studio and he even attempted to keep the rouge going. “She’s very good, Lisa is outstanding,” he said with a smirk.

Of course, Cathy was in fact referring to Lisa Wilkinson who was previously the host of TODAY with Karl until she famously quit and joined Network Ten over pay parity issues. Georgie Gardner has since taken over the role.

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