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Amazing News For Connie Johnson As She Continues To Fight

Connie Johnson's story has broken our hearts, time and time again. 

But no one can deny that she's been a fighter up until her dying days. 

Love Your Sister today announced one more shiny accolade that the beautiful woman can add to her resume, however. 

Connie has been awarded a Medal Of The Order Of Australia by the Governor General. 

"The Governor General 'popped in' on Connie today," her brother Sam announced on Facebook via Love Your Sister.

"Can you see that shiny thing on her chest? It's a Medal of The Order of Australia, awarded for her services to our community and humanity!

"Her eyes danced like when we were kids. She looked so alive.

"Afterwards, she looked at me sideways, coz she can't move her head too well, and she kept saying, in her weak and raspy voice...'Can you believe it? Can you believe it? Look what we did. We did something!'"

Unfortunately there was a saddened tone to the message. 

*Brace yourselves*

"I wanted to tell you first before you hear about it through the media - her time is nigh," the post continued.

"Let's prepare, villagers. It'll be very soon.

"This is an awful time, we won't bullsh*t, but please believe that she feels SO cushioned by your love and has been finding so many rainbows."

Cushioned by the love of millions of Australians, no doubt. 

Keep your head up high, Connie. You're nothing short of amazing. 

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